KPIs 2018 2017
Affordable housing completions 1,192 1,074
Planning obligations spend £25.7m £26.4m

The Group has a CSR policy which supports the creation of sustainable developments that are designed for social inclusion.

We recognise that we have a fundamental role in tackling the country’s housing supply challenge and work with registered providers to provide affordable housing across a range of different tenure types. We also offer the Government’s Help to Buy Scheme on all of our developments.

As part of each development we create we commit to provide resources and improvements to the local area in agreement with the local authority.

We work with our supply chain to ensure that they are appropriately resourced and have the relevant skills and, prior to appointment, conduct due diligence on suppliers and subcontractors.

We provide assistance and sponsorship to local good causes and support our employees in raising money for charities that are important to them.

Affordable housing

Working collaboratively with our public sector partners is central to the way we operate, and we are proud to be playing a key role in tackling the country’s housing supply challenge. We work with local authorities and registered providers (RPs) to ensure the provision of affordable housing on the majority of our developments in a way that meets local needs.

During the year we continued to build on our affordable housing offering by working with RPs and government agencies to offer a range of different tenures providing solutions that meet the affordable housing needs of our partners and the communities in which we work.

We offer Help to Buy and our own Trinity Discount Scheme for Armed Forces personnel as part of our Armed Forces Covenant.

We have been working with a number of providers to develop a bespoke specification for the homes we deliver to RPs in response to the growing demands they are under.

Of our 3,759 homes (2017: 3,645) completed in 2018, 1,192 were sold to RPs, representing 32% of the homes we sold (2017: 1,072 and 29%).

Armed forces covenant

Bovis Homes is proud to be a supporter of the Armed Forces Covenant and is committed to ensuring that our nation’s Forces personnel (past and present), and their families, are treated with respect and fairness. A copy of our specific commitments can be found on our website. In recognition of this commitment, Bovis Homes has been awarded the Silver Award of the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.

We regularly attend Career Transition Partnership recruiting events for members of the armed forces. Some of our own staff who are themselves veterans support service leavers at the events to provide examples of what can be achieved in their next career.

We have relaunched our trainee assistant site manager programme and specifically targeted military service. Working with a social enterprise (Salute my Job) who sourced suitable candidates, 1/4 of those who were successful to join the programme were ex-military.

The Group has also continued its policy of helping ex-servicemen and women find new roles in the Company through the Career Transition Partnership (CTP), and supporting staff members who choose to be members of the Reserve forces.

As part of our commitment to supporting our servicemen and women, we have specifically devised our two exclusive armed forces schemes to make the process a little easier.

The ‘All Inclusive’ Discount Scheme specifically designed to help individuals to buy a brand new home as simply and affordably as possible. When this ‘all inclusive’ package is combined with the Government Help to Buy - Equity Loan and the Forces Help to Buy initiatives, in what we call Trinity, it provides the ultimate home buying assistance.

Supply chain

We continue to work with our supply chain to ensure timely delivery of our homes in an environmentally and socially aware way. Our suppliers and subcontractors are involved at an early stage in site development to ensure adequate resource planning is in place and health and safety remains a number one priority.

The use of local and regional suppliers means that our developments provide benefits for the wider community, through job creation and opportunities for other local businesses to support the development.

We collaborate with our supply chain on the development of skills for the industry, with our apprenticeship programme incorporating secondments to learn key construction skills. We offer work experience placements to those attending school and college.

We work with our suppliers to provide innovative designs and products as well as providing training on topics such as health and safety and site supervisor safety.

In return for our commitment, our suppliers must meet our anti-bribery and ethical conduct standards. A whistleblowing procedure is in place to support our contractors and their staff.

Community and infrastructure improvements

All of our developments are subject to extensive public consultation prior to work commencing, which identifies the needs of local communities and provisions such as affordable housing, open space and educational needs.

During the planning phase for our developments, we always seek to incorporate leisure and amenity areas together with integrating developments into local public transport infrastructure. Where appropriate, local resident travel vouchers may be provided to encourage use of public transport.

Our larger developments will often include provision of a local school, which will also benefit the local community.

All of our sites have defibrillators installed and staff are trained how to use them. These can be called upon by local communities and we have also taken the step to ensure that these defibrillators remain within the local area once our developments have been completed.


The Group continues to support fundraising events and local sponsorship opportunities that are important for our staff. Staff have been involved in activities and supporting local good causes. We have continued to make facilities available to staff, with local fundraising days. Charitable donations and sponsorship are managed by each regional business to ensure that local causes and charities important to staff are given priority.

Our regional businesses actively support the communities in which they serve through a number of local sponsorships and donations. These include one-off and ongoing sponsorships, donations and fundraising activities across a number of causes such as school and school fetes, local sports clubs, hospitals and hospices, roundtables, elderly care, local communities’ initiatives and financial support for local and national charities.

In order to support our staff, we also offer a payroll giving initiative to enable employees to contribute to their chosen charities directly from their salary.

Priorities for 2019

  • Continue to develop our strategic offering to assist with affordable housing.
  • Continue to build on our relationships and support our subcontractors and suppliers trough regular meetings and training opportunities

Case study: Back to school to promote housing challenge

A trainee Assistant Site Manager at Southern Counties’ Nightingale View returned to her former school to encourage young people to consider a career in the construction industry.

Amanda McCuloch was part of a team of construction ambassadors who visited Henry Beaufort School in Winchester.

The group, which included experts from sales, marketing and build, talked to parents and pupils about the opportunities available, how to get into the sector and the skills required.

“It was great to be back at school to introduce construction to pupils,” she said. “They were asking all about apprenticeships, other routes into the industry and what qualifications they need"

“It was fantastic to see a good mix of male and female pupils asking us about the industry and there were a lot more students than parents too, which was a great sign."

"My former teachers who were there were very impressed with what we were doing too!”

The construction ambassadors, who have participated in a Construction Industry Training Board programme, attend career events in places such as schools and prisons. Alix Laflin, Marketing Assistant at Bovis Homes, said more construction ambassadors were needed to help those from all backgrounds enter the industry.

“I think its super-important based on my own experience, as before I started at Bovis Homes I was really unaware of the great opportunities there are in housebuilding,” she said.

“You just don’t know what is out there unless you are given the information you need. I also think that apprenticeship schemes are hugely important and should be talked about a lot more in places, such as prisons, for those who might not necessarily know that this is an option available to them."

“We were all very proud to be at Henry Beaufort School showcasing what opportunities Bovis Homes can offer.”

Case study: Sherford’s first primary school

Located at the heart of Sherford and taking just a year to complete, with construction and infrastructure firm Morgan Sindall leading its construction, the children aged between 2-11 years old are the first of 420 pupils set to attend the new school. Pupils were greeted by high-quality facilities, state- of-the-art equipment, and indoor and outdoor learning and play spaces

Sherford Vale is set to offer a rich and balanced curriculum, with an emphasis on providing outstanding teaching across science, technology, arts, maths and PE, in addition to a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Teaching will also focus on sustainability, taking advantage of Sherford’s extensive Country Park, woodland and wildlife habits.

The new school represents a £6m investment into community infrastructure and has been funded by the Sherford Consortium – the partnership of award- winning homebuilders, Bovis Homes, Linden Homes and Taylor Wimpey – with £1m also pledged towards its creation by Devon County Council. The school is sponsored and run by the Westcountry Schools Trust (WeST), which has a proven track record in education excellence locally.

Rob Haring, CEO of WeST said:
“It is fantastic to greet the very first Sherford Vale pupils and their families, as well as celebrating the landmark moment with those who have helped make the new school a reality. It has been an exciting journey to see the plans for Sherford Vale come to fruition, with the firm aim of providing outstanding education to the children of Sherford and its surrounding area.

“Our vision is focused on academic excellence and success for all children, who will be encouraged to think creatively, while being given opportunities to take part in a wide range of activities and sports, which has a proven track record in local educational excellence.”

Bradley Davison, Sherford Consortium said: “We would like to welcome the Class of 2018; the first pupils, their families, and teaching staff to Sherford’s first school.

“This is one of the biggest milestones in the town’s development and an incredible amount of work and investment have gone into bringing the school to life. Its completion is a testament to how far the new community has come in just a few years – and this progress will continue, with three more schools set to open in the coming years.”

Nigel Whelan, Area Director at Morgan Sindall, said: “It’s been a pleasure to work alongside our partners and staff at the school during the construction of Sherford Vale. The new school is an outstanding facility that will create an inspiring and motivational space for pupils to come to learn every day."

Devon County Council leader, John Hart, said: “It’s absolutely vital when we are trying to create new communities that people putting down roots there know that they will have the facilities they need to go with their new homes."

“I was pleased that Devon County Council was able to contribute £1 million towards ensuring the new school was up and running as people move into Sherford. Not only will it provide an excellent education for the children, but I hope it will become a real focal point for everyone living there.”