Stakeholder engagement

We're committed to operating fairly, with integrity and with respect for the opinions and perspectives of our stakeholders. A summary of our engagements is outlined below, and this information forms our Section 172(1) Statement.

Our key stakeholder groups are our customers, employees, supply chain, investors, local and national government and the communities in which we operate. Throughout the year we conduct a series of planned engagements at a Group and local level, as well as informal and ad hoc meetings.

Engagements are conducted by employees at many levels of the organisation. The Board directly participates in some of these engagements and has visibility of some other engagements through the Board reporting process. The views of key stakeholders are used to shape the Company’s long-term strategic approach and its CSR priorities – people, health and safety, environment and community.

Stakeholder Group Key engagements Outcomes


Institutions and people who are shareholders of our business

Director involvement
  • Annual General Meeting and other shareholder meetings following the announcement of final and half-year results
  • One-to-one meetings with investorsal
  • Consultation on the Remuneration Policy
  • Investor feedback results
Other engagements
  • Shareholder information is available on our website
  • Responses to shareholder information requests
  • Responses to voting agencies, including IVIS, ISS and PRIC

The Board has a deeper understanding of shareholder views as a result of one to one meetings with investors

Implementation of the new Remuneration Policy is under consideration, taking the views of shareholders into account

The Board has greater understanding of what our investors expect from our engagement with voting agencies

Feedback received from investors regarding the acquisition of Linden Homes and Vistry Partnerships was extremely helpful and was used to shape various aspects of the transaction, including structure, financing and the Placing


The people who purchase our homes

Director involvement
  • Engagements with housing associations
Director visibility
  • HBF customer satisfaction survey (8 week and 9-month)
  • Group Home Buyers’ panel
  • Feedback from ad hoc engagements are made visible to the CEO as necessary by the Customer Experience Director who reports directly to the CEO
Other engagements
  • Direct engagements with sales and construction teams on site
  • Digital engagements via our CRM system
  • Social media

The HBF has independently measured the satisfaction of our customers and we’re proud to be one of the top performing, 5-star housebuilders

We introduced a new customer care management system ‘Keys’ which delivers many of the new capabilities our customers have been asking for

Our first Unwrapped Home was launched following feeedback from the Home Buyers' panel


Our directly employed staff

Director involvement
  • The Vistry Voice, a weekly podcast, usually by the CEO
  • Regional roadshows
  • People Forums
  • Regionally located Board meetings
  • Non-Executive Director business unit visits
  • SAYE and SIP schemes
Director visibility (board reports)
  • Quarterly engagement survey
Other engagements
  • Employee representatives
  • Update news (quarterly newsletter)
  • Intranet
  • Health and well-being training

In 2019, the approximately 43% of employees were participants in a ShareSave plan, which represented approximately a 10% increase from 2018. The share plans encourage employee engagement in Group success

We updated our whistleblowing policy to our “Speak Up” policy following employee feedback

We're training employees across the business in mental health first aid to raise awareness of mental health in the work, reduce the stigma and provide practical support to those affected

Supply chain

Our supply chain consists of material suppliers and subcontractors. Relationships with material suppliers are coordinated at a Group level and complemented by local business units. Relationships with subcontractors are driven by the local business unit

Director involvement
  • The CEO and CFO maintain relationships with directors of the Group’s key suppliers
Director visibility (board reports)
  • Supplier 360° feedback survey results are shared with the Risk Governance Committee and Board
Other engagements
  • Regional MDs host local supply chain engagement events
  • Group Commercial deal with procurement and hold face-to-face account reviews with all key suppliers on a regular basis
  • Local business units frequently meet with key subcontractors
  • Supplier website hosting all technical specifications
  • Project pipeline information is periodically emailed
  • Supply Chain Sustainability School partners
  • Performance questionnaire sent to group and local subcontractors and suppliers

We held roadshows rolling out SHE Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) following engagement with supply chain

We provide access to CSR training resources to our supply chain through the Supply Chain Sustainability School

Feedback from suppliers and subcontractors is provided through Risk Governance Committee

The 360° supplier feedback has resulted in the implementation of fuel efficient telehandlers, a reduction in idling time and carbon emissions, and the launch of our project pipeline giving overall visibility to aspects of our construction activity to the supply chain

National and local governments

Government departments that shape the legislative environment in which we operate and local planning departments

Director visibility
  • HBF Skills Panel
  • Industry body memberships and events (including HBF and NHBC)
  • Meetings with Housing Association partners
Other engagements
  • Local planning meetings
  • Environment Agency and local water authorities

We have a better understanding of what our housing association partners expect from our engagement with them

Awarded six Pride in the Job awards and two Seals of Excellence from NHBC

Environment and Community

The environment and communities local to our offices and sites

Director involvement
  • Group-level charitable donations
Director visibility
  • Land purchase and planning application decisions
  • Armed Forces Covenant initiatives and award
  • British Hedgehog Preservation Society Partnership
  • Feedback direct from Housing Associations through a questionnaire
Other engagements
  • Public consultations

Gold award received in the MOD’s Employer Recognition Scheme for support for Armed Services

Formation of Sustainability Committee reporting to the Board

Commitment to build hedgehog highways on all ‘Bovis Homes’ branded developments

Feedback from housing associations on the company performance and communication is provided through Risk Governance Committee