KPIs 2019 2018
Staff turnover (unplanned) 17% 22%
Training days 4,548 4,505
Apprentices* 23 37
Customer satisfaction rating** 5-star 4-star

* 2018 apprentice numbers represented our initial intake as a result of the launch of our new apprentice programme ** Based on an industry recognised independent survey conducted by the HBF

Our people are critical to the success of our business and the delivery of our strategy.

We recognise that not being able to attract and retain good people is a principal risk to our business, so we work hard to understand our employee views and ensure that we provide an environment they can thrive in.

Our approach to people is guided by a robust framework of Group policies and procedures and a network of HR professionals.

As at 31 December 2019, the Group directly employed 1,360 people (2018: 1,295). This year the total employee turnover rate decreased to 24% (2018: 28%) due in part to a reduction in the number of redundancies made during the year. Furthermore, unplanned staff turnover reduced significantly to 17% (2018: 22%) which is supported by a improved overall employee satisfaction score, which rose to 7.9 out of 10 (2018: 7.7) in November 2019.

Culture and values

Training and development

Respect for employee rights

Equality, diversity and inclusion

Modern Slavery

Anti-corruption and anti-bribery